My interest in art began one day before my tenth birthday when my father showed me an article about Jackson Pollock in Life magazine. Why the images in that article moved me the way they did I will never know. Soon after this introduction to abstract art I began to take classes in drawing and eventually gravitated towards painting. My interest in abstraction continued through high school and was solidified by exposure to an abstract painter by the name of Jack Canepa who was an artist in residence at Regis College in the mid 1950’s and had spent his early life as an abstract painter in New York City in the 50’s.

During my graduate education in the 1960’s at Colorado University I became interested in photography after visiting Carmel California for the first time. That interest became passion that has persisted to this day.

I began showing my work at the Ginny Williams Gallery in Denver in the late 80’s and moved to The Grant Gallery in 1991 and remained there until 1996. Since that time I have been represented by The Robishon Gallery in Denver.

Over the past decade I have shown at several galleries in the Carmel area including The Photography West Gallery, The Silver Light Gallery, The Winfield Gallery and most recently at  PK Fine Artifacts in Sand City California.

I have been involved in teaching workshops for the last several years. These have been mainly in the Denver area with Kim Weston and Dave Gaslin. I plan to enlarge my workshop schedule over the next 2-3 years. A schedule of these workshops is available on another section of the site. During the next year I hope to include one two day workshop devoted to screen printing photographic images.

Please us the link section of the site to contact Working With Artists for more information.

Owen O’Meara