Owen O’Meara



I began in art as a painter but moved to photography after being exposed to the work done in the Carmel area between the twenties and the sixties. I also made the move to photography because of a certain lack of talent as a painter.

My initial efforts were directed towards the heroic landscape, which met with failure. A chance meeting with Ruth Bernhard started my investigation of the figure and I have focused on that area of concentration for the last eighteen years. I have found the subject to be without limit with regards to interpretation. It has been studied since art first was made and will continue to be studied as long as artists live and create.

In addition to Ruth’s influence I have been motivated by Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Kim Weston and Eikoh Hosoe and Helmut Newton among others. The subject matter allows for the differences for interpretation noted between these individuals.
I would imagine that the figure will continue to dominate my work for the near future, but another chance meeting could change that.

“Artmaking is the closest one can get

To God without actually having

to be good.”

Dominic Rouse 2007

“The Philosopher’s Tomb”