Born in Denver Colorado and have resided there except for between the years of 1967 and 1971.

Attended Regis College in Denver from 1957-1961. Degree in Chemistry with minors in Biology, Philosophy and Music.

Attended graduate school at The University of Colorado 1961-1965 leading to a doctoral degree.

Became interested in art, especially the painting of Jackson Pollack at the age of 10 and began painting but gradually moved to photography in the early 60’s.

Began showing in the mid 80’s at The Ginny William’s and then at The Grant Gallery in Denver as well as The Silver image Gallery in Seattle. Began showing in the Carmel, CA. area at Photography West, The Silver light and The Winfield Gallery. Presently, I am represented by PK. Artifacts  Gallery on The Monterey Peninsula in California and The Robischon Gallery in Denver, CO which is my main dealer.

Began by photographing landscapes and still life’s and moved to the female figure upon the suggestion of Ruth Bernhard and have stayed with that subject for the past 18 years. I have also recently become interested in digital work as well as collage.

In addition to gallery shows I teach at Working With Artists in Denver and teach workshops alone and with Kim Weston in Carmel and Denver.

Recently retired,  I have been doing art full time since August of 2005.

Married with three children.

Owen O’Meara